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One Stop Vaping Shop

Premium Electronic Cigarettes

Whether you are just trying to quit smoking, or you are a vaping hobbyist; we have everything you need to create your perfect vaping experience.From equipment to accessories, we are your full service vaping shop. Come visit us at any of our four locations!
  • 40+ Signature flavors
  • Over a thousand combinations
  • Largest Selections of E-cig products in region
  • 5 Convenient Locations
  • Whiter Teeth
  • Stop Bad Breath
  • Alternative to harmful chemicals in cigarettes
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“Vaping” is the term used by electronic cigarette users to refer to puffing while using such devices. All e-cigarettes are composed of a small heating device and a compartment for the e-liquid. When a puff is taken, the heating component warms up the liquid; so when the user inhales, the liquid is imbibed in a vapor form. Once taken in, users can then exhale the vapor out, much like smoking. Using a vapor cigarette device might feel like smoking, but vaping only involves relatively harmless vapor and not real smoke.



Users are free to load their e-cigarettes with whatever e-liquid products they desire. Liquids come in both nicotine and non-nicotine variants, and can assume playful flavors such as fruits and dessert foodstuffs. Since e-cigarettes are built to be reusable, users can enjoy a wide assortment of flavors with just one device.



An ecig device runs on power, so users need to be wary about how much charge is left on their device. The standard reusable e-cigarette is as small as a regular “analog” cigarette and thus only holds a small charge for limited uses. Larger, premium models are about the size of a cigar but have adequate battery capacities that allow for longer repeated uses.



With an ecig, users do not have to constantly purchase new packs of cigarettes, which can be even costlier in the long run. Instead, users only have to purchase refills for their cartridges. To get started on vaping, you will need a trustworthy retailer that has everything you need, and Carolina Vapor Mill seeks to fill that role. We offer electronic cigarettes, liquid cartridges, and even starter kits for those curious about vaping.